Our Services

Flexible System Integration


Getting you up and running again quickly with hands-on troubleshooting of physical and software components.

System Design

Working with product specialists and customers alike to design automated systems that check every box.


Experience with popular PLC & HMI platforms and the networking and business software to tie it all together.

Fresh Produce

Ice Production Facilities

Give your ice facility an automation overhaul. Our systems allow end users complete control over all ice production parameters. Setup your machine the way you want it, then use our remote access or cloud dashboard to view and control from anywhere.

Post-Harvest Cooling

Whether you use hydrocooling, vacuum cooling, slush ice, forced air or any combination; our solutions streamline the cooling process with less room for error. Data logging provisions facilitate easy food safety compliance.

Sorting & Packaging

Produce packing requires specialty equipment and specialty equipment requires flexible integrators to bring the full system together. Our experience with a variety of sorters and commercial packing and palletizing solutions give us the knowledge needed to commission third party systems and integrate the components needed to bring them all together.


Automated Feed Ingredients

From simple remotes for individual ingredients to fully automated batching interfaced with popular feeding software platforms, we have the skills and flexibility needed to integrate a solution with exceptional accuracy and ROI.

Milking Equipment

Most milking systems today are already automated systems, but lack the flexibility needed to customize to end-users needed. Let us interface with your existing equipment to add the extra automation you need while pushing that data to our cloud dashboard for easy monitoring and control from anywhere.

Manure Systems

We automate both ends of the cow and everything between. New systems, existing system overhaul/update, or simple interfacing for monitoring and control from our cloud dashboard, we have the solutions needed. (And we don’t mind the smell)


Grain Storage Facilities

Automated receiving of grain allows quick turnaround for trucks. Automated shutdowns reduce unnecessary runtime on grain handling components. Interlocking ensures that no component ends up overloaded or runs when it shouldn’t. Interfacing with scales provides ability to track where each load went.

Grain Dryers

Get the benefits of modern dryer automation without having to buy a new dryer. Our controls allow remote monitoring and control of your dryer with automated processes available so you can focus your time elsewhere during harvest.

Specialty Processing

Specialty processing requires tight controls and precise automation to produce a premium product. We have solutions for treating seed, roasting, malting, milling, fermenting, bagging and more. As well as the ability to integrate as a cohesive unit.

Mobile Equipment

Simple Machines

Just need help designing a hydraulic and discrete control system? Let us connect you with industry experts to ensure your design operates smoothly with as few headaches as possible along the way.

Automated Machines

Repetitive processes can be automated to reduce operator fatigue and improve consistency. Finding the right balance of automation requires analysis and time spent riding with the operators. We’ll ride along in the buddy seat with our laptops until that balance is found.

Complex machines

With access to controllers than can interface with industry standard protocols and a network of industry experts in our contacts, don’t hesitate to get us involved in your project. Involving controls in the design process produces results faster and easier.


Process Control

Our experience with small and large scale process automation in the food and beverage industry gives us the tools and resources needed to work with your process whether it’s troubleshooting, new additions or blank sheet design.

Machine Automation

Our work with a broad range of OEMs has made it easy to walk up to any machine and analyze it’s process. Troubleshooting, extra features or clean slate automation design, let us take your machines to the next level.

Remote Monitoring

Industry 4.0, IIot, clouds, unicorns; a mess of buzzwords to navigate. Let us sift through the hype and work to get your devices connected in a secure way that is beneficial to your remote monitoring efforts.


Baling & Bagging

Compression baling, form/fill/seal bagging, scoop shovel into bag stand: we’ve handled our share of bags. Let us connect you with experts in the industry to find the best product for your application, then use our own resources to integrate into your full-line process.

Robot Cells

Robots are everywhere, we work with major brands and their specialists to spec and integrate the best robot for the application today and in the foreseeable future.

Product Conveyance & Tracking

The key underappreciated middleman, the infrastructure to connect it all together. Let us sort through the data sheets, manuals and communication protocols to integrate your product movement with OEM equipment upstream and downstream.